Emily FitzPatrick -Week 3 + Week 4

Some exciting news in the industry in the last few weeks-

Nickelodeon announced that it will be reviving its 90s Cartoons in a network called “The Splat”. This network will bring back the Nick’s “golden age” of television cartoons in the eyes of the 90s-kid generation and is a particularly effective marketing technique as this generation begins the transition to family life. With this kind of network Nickelodeon positions itself to be used by new parents who can share the cartoons of their childhood with their children.

This initiative is also part of a larger problem the industry faces of the decreasing relevance of the Nielson’s rating system. In the past, television animation companies could keep track of viewership through the Nielson’s rating system and effectively assess which shows were successful and which were not. But as entertainment begins to shift to mobile and streaming platforms, which the Nielson system does not account for, viewership across studios appears to be dropping. Finding ways to effectively measure viewership is a problem that will have to be tackled by our generation as the face of entertainment rapidly changes.


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