The Skeleton Dance (1929)

The professor in my cinema studies class showed this to us during a discussion about Walt Disney. He pointed out its cultural impact as one of Disney’s first animations to make use of sound (he’s a great professor and I highly recommend COMM 240). Basically, Disney had had no success for ten years with his animations, but he was one of the first to truly utilize sound after it was introduced to movies. This is a landmark animation because its popularity allowed Disney to break out into success. It’s also amazing considering they didn’t have TVPaint (much better in my opinion than Steamboat Willie, which was THE first Disney sound animation). I also really like the whole “dance macabre” theme.

In relation to the travelogue project, this is one animation that really exemplifies how cycles can be used to really great effect.\

(The really good stuff starts at 2:30 though)


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