Vimeo spelunking, Trigger, and other anime goodies

I can’t post the next video in good conscience, since it’s not exactly appropriate for class (it has a very…graphic and crass sense of humor), but the design is great and the use of repetition and comedic timing are all nice. So anyone who’s curious should just google Sex and Violence with Machspeed.

By same people who brought you kill la kill

Here is another animations by them. You can skip the first minute, since they have minute-long intros that have nothing to do with the video.

I can’t name all the references, but I think I saw Mars Attack in there at some point. I wish there was yodeling though.

Speaking of film references this anime opening is made by same people who made baccano opening:

There’s also another very bizarre anime called “Mononoke”. It’s a horror anime. It did very well in Japan, but I couldn’t find any good-quality clips of how bizarre it is on youtube or vimeo. The animation has some wonderfully ugly designs.

This is the closest I could find.

I recommend starting with Bakeneko from Ayakashi: Japanese horror stories though.


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