Jim Chen : Week 8 – Miyako

An interesting open-interpretation short animation about affection, obsession and identity disorder (I think).

I couldn’t find a subtitled version anywhere so I’ve attempted to translate the monologue below for reference. The youtube comments also offer some explanation about the story and a few possible interpretations.

(Timed to natrual stop points in the original dialog. Best viewed split-screen.)

[ A high-school sophomore girl ]
[ My name is Miyanomiya Miyako ]
[ This is the story of a certain affection of mine ]

[ The first time I realized this sentiment was when I was washing my hands in the bathroom ]
[ Through the mirror, my eyes met with hers ]
[ It seemed certain that she also noticed me and was looking back at me. In the end I got embarassed and lowered my head ]
[ She was such a beautiful woman ]

[ A strange feeling towards her took root in me … a feeling that would likely go against society’s norms. That kind of feeling ]
[ When I became aware of this, I began to see her everywhere ]

[ I couldn’t get her out of my sight ]

[ In the end I realized I was already deeply obsessed with her ]

[ I became troubled by it ]
[ Wanting to bury these emotions, I tried to keep her out of my sight ]

[ She always seemed so mysterious ]
[ But for a split second it’s also like she was looking back at me ]

[ Could it be ]

[ She’s already noticed my feelings towards her ? ]

[ The expression in her eyes seems so insecure ] [ But also so deep and mesmerizing ]

[ So very … deep ]

[ I continued watching her until I became a senior ]
[ The look in her eyes when drying her hair. Seems so profound . Like the an ocean of trees covering the sky ]

[ Not again … ]

[ This has been happening a lot lately ]

[ Suddenly, I saw in place of her eyes an insect was crawling out ]
[ I ran back to my room ]

[ Stay calm ! ]
[ What is happening ? ]

[ I swiftly locked the door to my room ]
[ Just as I was about to shut the curtains ]

[ Seing her outside the window, I hid in my bed sheets ]

[ And then she … ]

[ I couldn’t think anymore . ]

— (Black Screen)

[ I pressed my hands against my eyes ]
[ I pressed down harder and harder ]
[ Without a doubt I felt my eyeballs being crushed ]
[ Just as I was about to squeeze them out ]

[ All of a sudden, the phone rang ]

[ I held my hand against my crushed eye and staggered towards the phone ]

[ The ringing stopped before I got to it ]
[ Wrong number maybe ? ]

[ As I checked the missed call’s number, I lifted my head ]
[ and in the mirror. I met eyes with her. Her left eye bleeding. ]


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