Jim Chen Week 9 : Bad Apple

Some of you might already know about the entire Bad Apple meme and have seen this animation, but it still amazes me how this all got created.
The entire concept originated from this storyboard concept uploaded by someone with a “(Hope someone can draw this)” in the video title in 2008.

The Internet took interest in the concept’s timing and layout and started producing renderings of the storyboard.
There were a lot of attempts including early hand drawn efforts like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMMARLqxwH0 and experimentation with the general plot for the actions, the scenes and characters.

In 2009 another uploader produced the ‘legendary’ final shadow silhouette version seen in the beginning using animated 3d models and post processing for the transformations. I personally think the choice of removing texture is actually incredibly effective as it still presents the sense of space while allowing for transitions and transformations that would have been difficult or impossible on something with texture. At the same time, it avoids visual distractions that imperfections in the 3d models can sometimes cause.

Most surprising is that the evolution the project from its initial mostly-text storyboard to the final fluidly animated piece was achieved both through collaboratively exchanging ideas online and also independent experimentation with the rendering of such ideas.

Certainly one of the cases of the Internet at its best 🙂


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