Figure Drawing Exercise

Live Figure Drawing is used at the beginning of each class to warm up the connection between the eye, the hand, and the mind. Each pose is 1 second in length, with a varying amount of time that students have to draw each frame.

30 Seconds Per Frame

D_Ferdous_exercize1 Fitzpatrick_1016_1 fu_christine1 Jun X livedrawing1 YichenShou_10_16_livedrawing1 Chen_J_LiveDrawing3_1 Oct16LifeDrawing1


20 Seconds Per Frame

Oct16LifeDrawing2 Jun X livedrawin2 YichenShou_10_16_livedrawing2 Chen_J_LiveDrawing3_2 D_Ferdous_exercize2 Fitzpatrick_1016_2 fu_christine2


10 Seconds Per Frame

Fitzpatrick_1016_3 fu_christine3 YichenShou_10_16_livedrawing3 Chen_J_LiveDrawing3_3 D_Ferdous_exercize3 Oct16LifeDrawing3