Final Project

Project 7: Final Project

Length: Approximately 30 seconds – 360 Drawings/Frames
Timeframe: Seven Weeks, Due on our final exam date, December 16th

Congratulations! With this project you will be embarking on your first full length, finished animation! This project is completely open to what you want to do, with one exception. We will be visiting the Penn Museum and you will be looking for inspiration for your project – in the form of a character, a pattern, a time period, etc. You will include this thing you find in your project – it does not need to play a prominent part but can if you choose it to be so.

You will be creating and developing a 30 second animation, with titles, credits, polished audio, and clean animation. This is almost a two month project – so I have high expectations for all of you for this work. There is the option to work collaboratively for this project – but for each person you add, the time limit with increase proportionately (eg. 2 people = 1 minute of animation).

Set your film size to 1920 x 1080 pixels, 12 fps.
Black and White, and at least one color. Use either the pen or pencil tool, larger than 2pt.
Background can be white or texture of your choice.
You must incorporate audio.
You must incorporate something you see from the anthropology museum at Penn into your animation.
Abstraction and non-representational imagery is also a possibility for this project.
As always – you can go over 30 seconds if the piece needs it.

10/30: Project Assigned, Penn Museum Visit
11/06: Project Proposal Due
Project Pitch – Written Description and Animatic Draft
11/13: Final Animatic/Storyboard
Basic Audio Due
11/20: Final Project 33% Finished
Clean Audio File Complete
11/25: Optional Class – Thanksgiving Holiday
11/27: No Class – Thanksgiving Holiday
12/04: Final Project 66% Finished
Titles Complete
Final Project In-Progress Critique
12/16: Final Project Due, In Class Critique

Submit your TVPaint File and your exported .MOV file to the Submissions Folder on Juno before class on 12/4 and 12/16.

Grading Checklist
[ ] Completed Project
[ ] Following deadlines for project – Storyboards, Proposals, etc.
[ ] Quality of Animation (with respect to your own abilities)
[ ] Clean Lines/No seeing through character to the background.
[ ] Titles/Credits
[ ] Incorporation of item/idea from Penn Museum
[ ] Clean Audio
[ ] Concept/Ideas