Interview Project

Project 5:  Morphing Interview Animation

Length: Approximately 15 seconds – 180 Drawings/Frames

Timeframe: Three Weeks, Due at the beginning of class on October 23rd


Film, Video, and Animation are composites of both image and sound.  This combination of sensory information allows us, as a viewer, to fully experience a more complex meaning than if we had just one alone. For this assignment, you will choose or create a piece of audio that is approximately fifteen seconds in length and create an animation that continually changes and morphs as it progresses.  In other words, you will create a straight-ahead animation that is one continuous changing drawing.  It is your goal to come up with creative solutions that both incorporate the imagery described or implied in your audio and make use of the whole space of the frame in your animation. Developing a storyboard that accurately shows your intended transitions will be important for this project.  


  1. Set your film size to 1920 x 1080 pixels, 12 fps.
  2. Black and White and One Color. You may use gradients/tones of the color you choose. Use either the pen or pencil tool, larger than 2pt.
  3. Background can be white or texture of your choice.
  4. I encourage you to explore how your morphing element can influence the whole picture plane – including interaction with the background.
  5. Abstraction and non-representational imagery is also a possibility for this project
  6. Think about fluctuating between literal depiction and more complex ideas about narrative structure, representation, meaning, and metaphor.
  7. I will be grading on the fluidity and accuracy of the movement of your character, as well as how you activate the space within the frame.


10/2: Work on Project in Class/Audition Tutorial/Premiere Pro Tutorial

10/9: Fall Break

10/16: Continue Working on Project

10/23: Project Due


Submit your TVPaint File and your exported .AVI file to the Submissions Folder on Juno before class on October 23rd.

Interview & Morphing Examples








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