Philadelphia Travelogue

Project 3:  Walk Cycle/Philadelphia Travelogue

Length: Approximately 10 seconds – 120 Drawings/Frames

Timeframe: Three Weeks, Due at the beginning of class on October 2nd

We will take a short field trip to a park on or near campus and make a series of observational drawings. You will then use these drawings as the basis for a short animation that describes the movement of a person through space and interacting with an environment. You will also rely on yourself and each other to help reenact the movement so you can see the subtle moments more distinctly and establish keyframes.  We will combine these animations into one longer animation to submit to the Next City and Penn Institute for Urban Research Blogs.

On September 18th, artist and animator Paul Fierlinger will come to class and give a lecture and demonstration on creating character actions – and will be able to give specific feedback on your movements


  1. Set your film size to 1920 x 1080 pixels, 12 fps.
  2. Black and White, No Color. Use either the pen or pencil tool, larger than 2pt.
  3. Background can be white or texture of your choice.
  4. Observe somewhere OFF OF CAMPUS.
  5. Your character must interact with at least one thing in the environment
  6. At least one scene changes.
  7. I will be grading on the fluidity and accuracy of the movement of your character, as well as how you activate the space within the frame.


9/11: Project Assigned – Walk Cycle Tutorial – Observational Drawing outside

9/18: Animatic (Moving Storyboard) of Project Due, Paul Fierlinger Visit

9/25: No Class – Pope Visit

10/02: Project Due


Submit your TVPaint File and your exported AVI file to the Submissions Folder on Juno before class on October 2nd.


Using the Keyframer to Pan a Background

Walk Cycle and Bodies