Project 6: Animate the Internet

Project 6:  Animate the Internet

Length: 5 seconds, 60 frames
Timeframe: One Week, Due at the beginning of class on October 30th

How do you illustrate the idea of a system? How do you translate abstract concepts into concrete ones?

For this assignment you will consider how the internet works and how it functions as a system. You are free to be as literal or as wild as you want. If the internet is made of electronic signals connected by computers, super! If the internet is made up of only cats, great! If the internet is just a rock, in a field, on a sunny day, yipee! If the internet is just an empty space for five seconds, no, don’t do that. You can consider your personal relationship with the internet, how society interacts with the internet, or investigate a specific cultural perspective of the internet. We will combine all of these films together to create a long form animation from all your work.


  1. Set your film size to 1920 x 1080 pixels, 12 fps.
  2. Black, White, Two Colors. You may use gradients/tones of the colors you choose. Use either the pen or pencil tool, larger than 2pt.
  3. Background can be white or texture of your choice.
  4. Abstraction and non-representational imagery is also a possibility for this project
  5. Consider how text might be incorporated into your film.`
  6. As always, you can go longer if your film deems it necessary.

10/23 Project Assigned
10/30 Project Due

Submit your TVPaint File and your exported AVI file to the Submissions Folder on Juno before class on October 23rd.

Article on technical drawings of the internet.


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